The comedians of Your Funniest Friends are a collection of the most likable and friendly idiots in the city of Chicago. And they are heading up to Milwaukee August 23rd to tell some jokes at Sugar Maple! 

Your Funniest Friends get away with some of the most abrasive, absurd and off-beat material imaginable. Their goal has been building shows where the audience is treated like a room full of friends. They have worked tirelessly since 2010 to integrate stand-up and sketch comedy into an innovative fun format that keeps audiences returning week after week.  Matt Byrne from The Onion AV Club said that YFF is “A twisted, intelligent take on a standard format.” 
Members of YFF have been seen on/in: Aspen Comedy Festival, Boston Comedy Festival, the Andy Kaufman awards and Jimmy Kimmel Live!

The group consists of Joe Fernandez, Megan Gailey, Lane Pieschel, Matt Riggs and Jeff Steinbrunner. Joining YFF will be Chicago comedian Dan Drees and Marquette alum Charlie Bury.

Tickets are only $5 and can be paid at the door or ahead of time through 

Your Funniest Friends
August 23rd, 2012 at 9pm
Sugar Maple, 441 E. Lincoln Ave, Milwaukee

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