Widely regarded as one of the best teachers of Scenic and Comedic Improvisation in America today, Joe Bill teaches, performs and does corporate training at iO Chicago, is an Artistic Associate for The Chicago Improv Festival, and acts as an Artistic Adviser for a number of Improvisation and Comedy Theaters all over the world. 

Mr. Joe Bill himself will be teaching an advanced improv class: Your Power Improv Toolkit on Saturday, Dec. 8th from Noon – 3pm at The UC. The class is open to intermediate and advanced improv students for $50. Cash or check at the door.

Joe had this to say about the workshop:

“The focus of this workshop will be bringing the power of emotional depth and point of view to your improvised Characters and Scenes. We’ll work with understanding the vital differences in playing for Truth and playing for Funny, Short Form/Games & Long Form, and I’ll include personal feedback with things to work on going forward. I’ll also spend some time troubleshooting issues that YOU the improvisers bring to workshop, in order to get to clarity or just recognize patterns to be broken. This workshop will perfectly augment ongoing study of Characters and Scene, Long Form Improvisation and Harold, as well as benefit the Improviser that is currently performing or aspiring to perform with a team or group.”

Joe and a number of his very talented friends, under the Artistic Direction of Mick Napier, co-founded The Annoyance Theater in Chicago in 1990. His passion for teaching Improvisation soon kicked into high gear as a unique approach to Improvised Scene and Character began to be articulated by a number of teachers at Annoyance, including Mick Napier, Mark Sutton, Joe, David Razowsky, Bob Fisher and Susan Messing that focused on Improvisers “Taking care of themselves, in order to take care of others in a scene”.

Joe and Mark Sutton, his partner in the Nationally Touring Improvised Production BASSPROV, have evolved the Annoyance approach into POWER IMPROV, which they both have been teaching all over the world at Festivals, Theaters and Universities since 2000.

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