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Milwaukee’s Angry Young Men Ltd. (The capital letters tell you they’re not just some generic group of angry young men.) is a puppet and performance collective that has been building puppets and putting on multidimensional shows since at least 2007.

Their next performances are scheduled for the first two weekends in March at the Soulstice Theatre, 3770 S. Pennsylvania Ave.

They’re presenting “Mixed Tape,” the fourth in a series of live action puppet-comedy-variety shows titled “Full Frontal Pϋppetry.  
From the news release: “One part Japanese Bunraku, One part Vaudeville, and One part Splatter Film, the ‘Full Frontal Pϋppetry’ series is a combination of sketch comedy, musical numbers, political satire, video premieres, and inspired puppet mayhem.”
The collective rates the event PG-13 “for Puppet Gore and an adolescent sense of humor.”
The shows start at 7:30 p.m. on Friday, March 1; Saturday, March 2; Friday, March 8; and Saturday, March 9. Tickets are $10 at the door. (Plus, there’s an Industry Night pay-what-you-can performance at 7:30 p.m., Monday, March 4.)
For more about Angry Young Men, please click here.

To sample one of their videos, please click lower.


Holy smoke, another Conclave!

The pope is giving up his office for Lent. So cardinals will be flocking to Vatican City to elect his successor.
But there’s a more immediate conclave closer to home that’s drawing both the high- and low-minded – and it’s open to the public.
Milwaukee’s Comedy Conclave meets (as it does the last Sunday of every month) at 6 p.m., Sunday, Feb. 24, at Rounding Third Bar & Grill, 6317 W. Bluemound Road.
Founded and led by comedy guru Erik Koconis, the conclave provides an opportunity for practitioners of comedy to discuss varying topics that vex, amaze and amuse them. This month’s topic: “Hackery, what’s the point?”Learn what happens when funny people get together and try to hold serious conversation.
Admission is free, and the conclave is followed by an open mic, giving those same comedians a convenient chance to practice routines or test new bits on their fellow performers.
For the Comedy Conclave home page, including audio from past meetings, a glossary and insightful blog posts, please click here.  For past articles on the Conclave from Milwaukee Comedy, click here.
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