By Brynne Ramella
Looking through my posts for this series, I had a realization: Nowhere, in any of my five previous posts, did I quote or even mention any of the four female members of 33rd& State, the new sketch comedy group at Marquette University. Obviously, that had to change.
I researched the subject and was shocked to learn it’s actually a pretty heavy subject. It’s not uncommon for female comedians to receive death threats if a joke does not go over well. It’s also not uncommon in the world of late-night television to have just one female writer on staff.
So, I decided to talk with half of 33rd & State’s female population, Haley Wilsonand Lexi Bueno, about the subject.
Do you have any prior comedy experience?
Haley: I did improv in high school, and I liked that. But it was very, very high school.
Lexi: I have no prior experience – unless you want to count my Twitter account (It’s pretty funny. Follow her at @LexiBueno. Haley’s – @haleymariew11 – is funny as well). But that’s it. I did take writing classes at Second City this summer, though, which was super cool.
Have you written any sketches or characters for the group yet?
Haley: Yes – the bum sketch. And I just recently did a sketch about spilled milk where guy goes through all the stages of depression and accepting it.
Lexi: We just filmed one that I wrote about 33rd & State goes to 33rd& State. I also have one that was House Hunters Milwaukee.
Haley: (Laughs) That one was so funny!
Have you written parts for both guys and girls?
Haley: I’m always very torn because for some reason the main character of a sketch always ends up being a guy because the line delivery feels like it would be funnier.
Lexi: We have more guys in our group, so it’s kind of easier to dole out roles to them, but in a lot of my sketches the majority of the main characters are usually super-weird, out-there female characters.
Haley: With guys, it’s always easier to make horrible things happen to them!
Lexi: Like that sketch that we have that Spencer (Rose) and Chris (O’Reilly)read, where Spencer gets mugged. But if that were a girl, everyone would be like, “Oh my God, that’s horrible!”  But with Spencer we’re just like “Aww, Spencer.”
Do you have advice for girls getting into comedy?
Haley: Get into comedy. Just do it. Go there.
Lexi: Don’t be afraid to poke fun at yourself a little bit. If you can’t laugh at yourself, then what are you doing?
Brynne Ramella, a journalism student at Marquette University, is a guest blogger for MilwaukeeComedy, documenting the start-up of Marquette’s sketch comedy troupe, 33rd & State. This is the sixth in her series of reports.
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