The governor went after the teachers unions, but the real threat to schools are the TV weather people, who keep trumping up forecasts to get snow days. I just heard someone on the local news refer to the prospect of two inches as a storm.

Of course, the more severe threat to our communities short-term is when comedy shows get canceled. That’s what happened last month to Homegrown Electric Circus.

Now the Milwaukee improv troupe is standing up against Old Man Winter.

From Facebook: “Evan (Koepnick), Josh (Barto), Mike (Walker), and Scott (Heaton) having been working so hard to entertain you. And since they weren’t able to do it last month they’ve go so much funny inside them they’re practically bursting at the seams.

Their next show, come hell or high snowdrift, is at 8 p.m., Thursday, March 14. (That’s the Ides of March Eve – and Pi Day.) See them at ComedySportz Milwaukee, 420 S. 1stSt. It’s only $5.

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