Musicals tend to be emotional affairs anyway. Expect it to be all the more so at the May show of The Improvised Musical.

Because T.I.M. will be saying so long to one of its ensemble, that’s why.
From Facebook:
“Main Stage cast member Jordan Gwiazdowski is moving to New York at the end of this month! Please come wish him the best farewell ever with us!”
I know, right? Moving to New York from Milwaukee!
As they’ve done every third Thursday of the month for nearly two years, the cast, crew and band of T.I.M. will spontaneously create and perform an hour-long musical based on audience suggestions. It’s moving. It’s $5. And it’s at 420 S. 1st St.

Because of its burgeoning popularity, you might want to make reservations for T.I.M. by calling (414) 272-8888. Otherwise, don’t show up too close to show time (7:30 p.m., Thursday, May 16) or you might not get a seat.

You might miss the chance to join in and say bye-bye, Jordan.

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