Not to be outdone by the ocular gimmickry of recently released blockbusters “Iron Man 3” and “The Great Gatsby,” Milwaukee’s improv troupe Homegrown Electric Circus is coming out in 3D this week.
“Homegrown Electric Circus’ 3D Spectacular” is what you’ll see at 7 p.m., Saturday, May 18, at ComedySportz, 420 S. 1st St.
From Facebook:
“You’ll be sure to do a spit take once you see the special effect achievement that is these four gentlemen (Evan Koepnick, Josh Barto, Mike Walker and Scott Heaton) performing right in front of you. So close it will feel like you can touch them (please don’t).”
Homegrown May
Homegrown notes that it’s not charging a premium for the 3D show. Just $5 cash, as usual. And this: “3D glasses not included. Or needed.”
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