The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel informed us of the history of comedy at Summerfest.

Lewis Black makes a case for comedy’s inclusion in “The World’s Largest Music Festival” by saying in a promotional video:

“This is a lot of music, and music needs to be leavened with funny. Music tends to be a little pretentious, but a comic knows what a good fart is, doesn’t he? And a good fart joke.”

And though Friday, July 5, is the big night for comedy at the Big Gig, it’s also a time to catch more local talent in a more intimate venue. I’m referring to the Caste of Killers Comedy Collective‘s Milwaukee Comedy Stand-Up Showcase. That’s what.

It starts at 8 p.m. at the Karma Bar & Grill, 600 E. Ogden Ave. Tickets are only $5 ($10 for the cushy couch seats), and you can order them by clicking here.

The lineup includes:

  • Jeff Lampton
  • R. Michael Gull
  • Kyle Warras
  • Duncan Carson
  • Dave Labedz 
  • Steve Breese 

Milwaukee’s big enough to support a lot of laughter.

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