If you knew of a very special occasion approaching, I’d want you to tell me. So I could check my calendar and save the date. That’s why.

And just to be nice, I’m telling you that The Improvised Musical is celebrating its second anniversary at 7:30 p.m., Thursday, July 18, at ComedySportz, 420 S. 1st St.

In case you’re new to Milwaukee or just out of the loop, T.I.M., as it’s abbreviated, is an instantaneous song-and-dance Broadway-style show created and performed on the spot based on a suggestion from the audience.

Readers of the Shepherd Express voted T.I.M. as one of the top theater companies in Milwaukee. Its fan base is swelling, and more attendees have been reserving their $5 tickets out of fear that the shows will be sold out.

So all the more reason to give you fair warning: It’s T.I.M.’s birthday show.

To call ahead, dial (414) 272-8888.

You’re welcome.

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