Milwaukee-bound comedy sandwich

Milwaukee is the fourth of five stops in a five-day tour by first-string comedians (from left to right) Eugene Mirman, John Hodgman and Kristen Schaal.

The three friends – whose burgeoning body of work includes “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” (Schaal and Hodgman), “Flight of the Conchords” (Mirman and Schaal) and “Bob’s Burgers” (Schaal and Mirman) – perform at the Pabst Theater, 7 p.m., Friday, Oct. 18. (More info and $32.50 tickets here.)

While riding a “pretty sweet van” with Schaal and Mirman between the first two legs of the tour – Philadelphia and Washington, D.C., Hodgman spoke with Milwaukee Comedy about the Sandwich-To-Go-Tour and how he’s looking forward to the Milwaukee audience and a hookup with a signature Milwaukee sandwich. Here’s a slightly edited transcript of the conversation.

Milwaukee Comedy: Tell me about the show and its genesis.

John Hodgman: We enjoy each other’s company very much and have known each other for a number of years, and it seemed like it would be a good idea to get together and drive around in a van and visit some of the cities of America and perform comedy. So far, that has proven to be true. I hope that by the time we reach Milwaukee, it will be truer than ever.

Us: Tell me about the show itself, how the three of you are working together on this.

Him: We had a couple of different options to work with:

  • We considered all going out together on stage and performing our individual sets simultaneously, and people could tune in to specific radio stations so they could hear which ever comedian they wanted to hear using a small AM transmitter. We were going to do that.
  • The other possibility that we would all prepare comedy together, and we would memorize it, and then we would all three of us come out and recite the whole comedic routine together in unison – all at the same time. It seemed like that would be a good idea because we would not need microphones. It would be sort of like the people’s microphone from Occupy Wall Street. Everyone would be able to hear us very well.
  • But then we decided to do something a little more conventional, which was that we would split up our time in the theater among the three of us and we would each perform our own individual comedy sets linearly, which I gather is how it has been done on the vaudeville stage for many years.

So in effect, it becomes a little bit of a variety show. We three of us go out on stage. We exchange some pleasantries with each other and the audience. And then we have a physical fight as to who gets to go first and be done the quickest.

Last night (Tuesday), Eugene won the fight. He’s a very talented fighter. I think he’s been going to some ultimate fighting gyms, I think, to practice. His ground game is really good these days. I hurt my back, though.


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