Our pal Brynne Ramella, who wrote a series of blogs for Milwaukee Comedy last spring about an upstart comedy troupe at Marquette University, now is blogging about a two-man improv team in the works.

The two Marquette guys are Chris O’Reilly and Spencer Rose, formerly of Marquette’s 33rd & State sketch group and Studio 013 Refugees improv.

“Marquette has a legacy of some great comedians, and it’s a shame this talent doesn’t get the recognition it deserves.” Brynne writes in her first installment. “As somebody with an interest in the journalistic side of comedy, it breaks my heart to see the audience drinking….uhh lots of soda… at one of the Fugees’ monthly improv shows, while chattering/yelling over the Fugees as they perform. Comedy doesn’t get a whole lot of respect on this campus.”

As Brynne explains, she’ll be documenting efforts by Chris and Spencer to raise the bar on Marquette comedy. Among their plans: a bi-weekly show on campus next semester.

“Since the Studio 013 Refugees were formed about 15 years ago, I don’t think anyone has really attempted to revamp comedy at Marquette,” Brynne writes. “I am still learning about this style of improv and I have never freely blogged on my own, so this is unexplored territory for me – that’s ambition, right post-grad employers? In some way, this is an experiment for all three of us.”

To follow the experiment, click here.

By the way, some of Marquette’s “great comedians” Brynne refers to includes Peter Bonerz, Chris Farley and Danny Pudi. Click here to learn 10 things you don’t know about Danny Pudi.

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