Yet another option for Milwaukee comedy fans to round out the last two weekends in November is a play debuting at the Boulevard Theatre.

It’s called “The Olde Garde,” and according to advance publicity, it’s a satire that

“relates the tale of a once-thriving theatre company… which is floundering on arid fiscal shores, due to one too many negative reviews by a crusty, power-mad critic, shrinking audience numbers and a general loss of once-youthful passion.”

It’s written by Milwaukee newsman Bruce Murphy and directed by Mark Bucher, who joins a cast that includes

  • Jason Will
  • Nigel Wade
  • Marion Ararujo
  • Nicole Gorski
  • Christine Horgen and
  • Don Lobacz  

The show runs seven times from Thursday, Nov. 21, through Sunday, Dec. 1. Please click here for more information and $23 tickets.