You may know him from his prolific standup performances around the Milwaukee area. Or maybe you know that he’s a co-founder of Milwaukee’s Caste of Killers Comedy Collective.

But at 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 14, you’ll be seeing Damon Millard – fresh from New York – as the headliner stand-up for the last Retro Comedy Night of 2013.

So there will be something a little retro in the standup portion of the show. Because Damon will be coming back to the city that launched him to various nether regions of the United States in the past year. That’s why.

The retro show itself, if you haven’t been to one yet, re-enacts a classic TV sitcom live on stage with some of Milwaukee’s funniest performers. It’s a secret which show they’ll pay homage to (A year ago, it was Charlie Brown’s Christmas special, with Robbie McGhee as Snoopy, dressed in white with a pair of black socks for ears.).

It’s all at the Arcade Theatre, 161 W. Wisconsin Ave., lower level. Click here for $10 tickets. Or pay $15 at the door.



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