ComedySportz Recreational League crowned champions for its fall season Sunday.

The team Waiting in Punchline emerged the best of eight amateur comedy improv teams after three months of play and two Sundays of playoff matches.

The team includes Bradley Colmerauer, Carly Malison, Laura Bialek, Jon Waldbauer and Jacob Hansen and will, as their prize, play against a professional ComedySportz team in a prime time match at a regular ComedySportz show.

The Rec League is an offshoot of Milwaukee-based ComedySportz and allows trained improv actors a chance to perform free public shows under the supervision of ComedySportz instructors.

Bradley, Carly, Laura and Jon also are part of Crouch Comedy, a new sketch comedy troupe in Milwaukee, which performed its first full-length show two days before the Rec League finals. Crouch also includes Moe Tremper and Pam Zorko

Not only did Crouch sell out the show at Milwaukee Comedy’s Arcade Theatre, but seats were added, some patrons had to stand and others were turned away.


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