An old Woody Allen joke, paraphrasing because we’re too lazy to look it up, but he gets into a fender bender and responds, as God would, by telling the fender bender offender “Be fruitful and multiply. But not in those words.”

So why rely on us? Soulstice Theatre is performing Woody Allen’s “God” Jan. 24 through Feb. 8 at the
Keith Tamsett Theatre, 3770 S. Pennsylvania Ave., in St. Francis.

It’s the directing debut of Soulstice alumna Stephanie Graham and features a fitting giveback. From Facebook:

Soulstice continues its mission of giving back the community. For this play, Soulstice will partner with Operation Dream, Inc., a mentoring program designed to give young males in urban Milwaukee the support and guidance they need to become men of significance in their community.

Tickets to see “God” are $18 and $20. Click here for details.

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