Wisconsin high school basketball tournaments are a perennial sign of winter ending and spring warming up. They offer a chance to exert local pride while admiring the talent from elsewhere.

Somewhat similarly (except for the athletics and the competition and many other details), that's what Milwaukee Comedy is presenting on Friday, March 14.

The Grand Comedy Hour showcases comedy performers from three Wisconsin hotspots. Namely:

From Madison – Heather Hanford, standup. 

From her website:

"A manic weirdo who spent far too much of her adolescence fending off rebellious tendencies, Heather Hanford isn't necessarily equipped to handle adulthood. Comedy is her outlet for coming to terms with her transition from an awkward nerd to a smug asshole, with the hopes of bringing some sort of gratification to someone other than herself."

From Eau Claire – Glassworks Improv, aka Alex Raney, Elliot Heinz and Mack Hastings.

From their website:

"There’s a reason bands are drawn to playing with Glassworks. Like the best bands and improv groups, they bring both a frantic energy and a focused poise to every performance. Like Philip Glass (their namesake), they can find energy and new life in repetition, in variation. They walk these lines without fear, as friends. The fun that they have on stage is palpable. Yes, every performance is different, but they are linked by a common bond, one forged through years of playing together, whether as friends or as serious improvisors. It is beautiful and youthful and fragile and perfect."   

From Milwaukee – Greg Bach, standup. 

From Greg's website:

"I’m a comedian. I have been performing since 2007 in various formats including (but not limited to) improv, sketch comedy and standup. As a writer I have worked with the broadminded sketch group, Sketch 22 and I was a contributor to the Committee of Five political blog. I’m also a student at The Second City Training Center for Writing."

The Grand Comedy Hour is in the Arcade Theatre of the Grand Avenue mall, 161 W. Wisconsin Ave., lower level. Tickets are $10 online here or $15 at the door. Go ahead. Take pride in these Wisconsin treasures. Admire their performances. Spring is right around the corner.

Milwaukee Comedy also recently opened its application process for the 9th annual Milwaukee Comedy Festival, which runs Aug. 7-10. Click here for details.

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