Milwaukee is home to a lot of talented, hard-working comedians. Then there's Greg Bach. We suspect he's got a doppelganger or a time machine or a support staff of other comedians helping him accomplish all he's doing.

Check out his website,, if you don't believe us. Just some of the highlights include his work on The Good Night Milwaukee Show with Jake Kornely and Tyler Menz! his Uniform Snowflakes podcast and his studies at Second City Training Center.

An accomplished performer of improv and sketch, Greg Bach has been more prominent lately as a standup comedian. In the coming week alone, you can see him at such spots as:  

​And now Greg (or his double or his staff) is launching a whole new venture: The Milwaukee Comedy Podcast. Because he doesn't have enough to do. That's why.

Greg has already recorded the inaugural episode, and Milwaukee Comedy will be hosting a web page for the podcast as well as making it available on iTunes. We'll let you know as soon as it's available.

Meanwhile, catch Greg Bach at one of his many appearances and suggest why you would be a good subject for his podcast. Yeah, like he hasn't heard that before.

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