Here at Milwaukee Comedy, we spend a lot of time putting on great comedy shows, but figuring out the best way to tell our fans about the fun is the real challenge.

It can be difficult to promote your own comedy show, but with a little motivation and this simple advice, you can learn How to Promote Your Comedy Show!

How to Promote a Comedy Show
It’s all about getting more fans in the seats!

1. Create a unique graphic or use a photo and include all the important event info including Name, date, and time of show, the location, ticket price and some way to get more information (Like a website or phone number).

  • Use your graphic when posting on social networks and on show posters or flyers.  It helps create an identity people remember when your image is consistant.

2. Write a short description of the show that includes more important information, like what audiences should expect, the performers involved, directions to the venue, etc. This description should be used with the graphic when creating event pages on Facebook or other social networks.

3. Use Social media to promote the event, starting a few weeks ahead of time. You can Tweet a few times a week, Post ticket link and event links on Facebook, or talk about your show on Tumblr. Include the graphic and imformation you created in steps 1 and 2. 

  • Be sure to make every post unique and engaging. Don't just repeat the show information over and over.  Here is one to get you started:  “Don’t just sit there, check out some Stand Up!” 

4. Post to online event calendars.  There are hundreds of places online to post your show information. Use local event calenders and other online event sites. Include as much information as you can and include the show poster image and information on tickets and location. Start with our Comedy Event Calendar.

Audience Laughing

  • Here are some examples of places you can add your event online right here in Milwaukee:,,, and

5. Think of creative ways to promote your show. Your audience has hundreds of other entertainment options every month. Make your show stand out.

  • If you have trouble filling the seats, sometimes you have to think outside the box. It's a comedy show, right? So try using humor.  Don't just tell people it's happening, get people excited about your comedy show!