Funny people! We know how you are with deadlines. That's why it's worth reminding you that time is running out to apply to perform in the 2014 Milwaukee Comedy Festival, which runs Aug. 7-10, at the Next Act Theatre space.

The festival features standup, improv and sketch comedy acts from all over the country (including Canada, which might as well be the 51st state) and showcases some of the best homegrown Milwaukee comedy performers as well. The fest provides a big stage for local talent and lets them rub elbows and swap notes with fellow travelers. But you have to pipe up and signal that you're interested.

Milwaukee Comedy Fest Applications are online. It couldn't be easier. You just have to answer some questions, provide a link to video of you performing and pony up the entry fee – $25 for standups, $30 for sketch or improv groups.

Comedy Fest applications have been streaming in since February. The last ones are allowed May 15. That bears repeating:

Milwaukee Comedy Fest applications Due May 15.


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