You, the audience, are allowed to be seated for Stand-Up Cinema. The standups are the Milwaukee comedians who enhance your movie-going experience.

At 10 pm., Friday, June 20, Stand-Up Cinema presents “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” the 1981 Steven Spielberg (director) – George Lucas (writer) film starring the pride and joy of Ripon College, Harrison Ford.

But the real action is the hilarious interjections of Milwaukee comedy performers. From the Interweb:

What is Stand-Up Cinema? Ryan Lowe and his team of stand-up and improv comedians take your favorite movies and show them to you in a way they were never meant to be seen, “enhancing” a classic movie that was perfectly fine to begin with. Expect the unexpected as they provide live commentary during the film, replace movie scenes with live-action substitutes, and even insert pre-taped segments into the film itself!

Join the fun at the Times Cinema, 5906 W. Vliet St.

Tickets are $10 at the door, or you could click here.