As birthdays go, No. 30 is up there as a monumental occasion. And with ComedySportz turning 30 this year, the anticipated events are forming a sort of family reunion for comedy improvisers.

For instance, Alex Grindeland, who practically grew up at Milwaukee-based ComedySportz, moved to Seattle a couple of years ago to start and manage the ComedySportz franchise there. Now, Alex is back home, and while he’s here, he’s reviving Al and Jim’s One-Man Show, with fellow improviser James Boland (pictured).

From Facebook:

“Witness as Alex Grindeland and James Boland attempt the impossible (or rather…very very difficult). These two improv virtuosos will use audience suggestions to create completely improvised scenes. Alex and James will individually compose separate worlds in which they play every character. Then the men will work together to combine the dual narratives, creating one hilarious, epic tale.”

The show is getting bigger by the day. Because not only can you see Al and Jim’s One-Man Show, but also standup comedians Erik Koconis and Jessie Mahne will perform as well as the other two-man improv team, Busy Bar, featuring Lee Rowley and Vince Figueroa. (And don’t be surprised if you see James Boland appear in Busy Bar too.)

All this is yours for the low price of $10. Just be at ComedySportz, 420 S. 1st St., at 8 p.m., Friday, June 13.

Speaking again of ComedySportz, learn more about the world championships at the franchises’ mother ship June19-21.

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