Like the Dodgers of baseball renown, Rob Christensen is based in Los Angeles but started in Brooklyn, N.Y.

As his bio explains of Rob Christensen:

“He’s been a skateboarder, rapper, graffiti artist, and Air Force Sergeant; but failing at all of that lead him to comedy. Rob’s inexcusable behavior as a kid helped him develop a sharp, smart, and urban sense of humor.”

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Rob Christensen’s well-developed humor has earned him superlative comedy credentials on stage and screen. Last year, he won the Westside Standup Showdown in Santa Monica, Calif. The year before that, he wrote and starred in the TV pilot “Low Lifes.”

This year, among his many appearances nationwide, Rob Christensen is performing at the Milwaukee Comedy Festival.

See Rob Christensen in the 8 p.m. show, Saturday, Aug. 9 along with:

Tickets are $15 in advance by clicking here or $20 at the door. For $50, you can get an All-Access Pass admitting you to each and every one of the nine Milwaukee Comedy Festival shows, Aug. 7-10, at Next Act Theatre, 255 S. Water St.