This is how rumors get started.

A caption on a photo accompanying an article on might suggest that Matt Kemple is the same person as Jimbo Jameson.

In the article, Matthew Reddin reports on the 9th annual Milwaukee Comedy Festival, Aug. 7-10. He writes:

“What’s the funniest event in Milwaukee?

Most comedy aficionados would say that’s an easy question to answer: the Milwaukee Comedy Festival.”

Following his recent article for the Shepherd Express on comedy workshops in Milwaukee, Reddin wrote for the Gazette that Kemple anticipates a breakout year for the 2014 comedy fest, said to be the largest comedy event in Wisconsin. The article described how the festival’s nine shows are set up to showcase a variety of styles of comedy from both local performers and acts as far away as Los Angeles and Toronto.

To tell the truth, we have long suspected that Jimbo was just Kemple in disguise. They have certain undeniably similar features. Plus, we never saw the two of them together.

That is, not until the 2013 Milwaukee Comedy Festival, when Jimbo and Kemple once shared the stage briefly between acts.

We are not about to challenge the Gazette’s credibility. Indeed, we rely on it as a reliable and well-presented source of news. Let us just say we shall wait for more substantiation on Jimbo’s identity.

Click here for Milwaukee Comedy Festival tickets.

At the door, they’re $20 or $15 in advance and $50 for an all-access pass. The festival is at Next Act Theatre, 255 S. Water St.