Milwaukee standup samplers

Like Autumn leaves, Milwaukee standup comedy comes in breath-taking variety – and seems to be everywhere you turn. This week, for instance, you can experience Milwaukee standup comedy at any number of places, including: Steve Breese is hosting the weekly Comedy Show Comedy Show Open Mic. If that sounds redundant, note that the forum requires […]

Plan on Variety Hour Saturday

If you think you’ve got something better to do Saturday night in Milwaukee, it’s only because you don’t already know about the Variety Hour Happy Hour. Two points on that: Where have you been? Get ready to change your plans. Variety is the key here. It’s a comedy show with sketches and stand-up and music […]

Retro Comedy, localized TV sitcom

So the deal is that no one who knows is supposed to talk about which popular TV sitcom from the ‘70s, ‘80s or ‘90s will have an episode staged live at Milwaukee’s Arcade Theatre for Retro Comedy Night. The idea is to surprise comedy-goers with one of their favorite shows from back when and to […]

Grand Comedy Hour Friday

We don’t know why they call $1,000 a grand, except that’s how you feel if you get $1,000. We know that’s the old name for Wisconsin Avenue in downtown Milwaukee, which is why they named the mall The Shops of Grand Avenue. And, of course, that’s the home to Milwaukee Comedy‘s Underground Collaborative and the Arcade […]

Dynamo Kickstand sketch show Oct. 18

Dynamo Kickstand. Add that name to the list of Milwaukee’s growing sketch comedy scene. Veteran comedians Stacy Pawlowski, Ryan Lowe and Greg Bach have teamed up to present their own hilarious take on things in a debut show at 8 p.m., Saturday, Oct. 18. As Greg and Ryan recount in the Milwaukee Comedy video above, the […]

Free Open Improv Wednesday

Free Open Improv is back at 7 p.m., Wednesday, Oct. 8. That’s because Free Open Improv runs fortnightly. That’s every other week. And we didn’t have it last week, but we had it two weeks ago. So… Join us. Bring friends. We’re now into our fourth month, and the participation keeps growing. The comers range […]

Comedians for Critters

We got a note from our old friend, Milwaukee-reared nationally touring comedian Dobie Maxwell. “It’s not often I ask for favors, but right now I can really use your help,” Dobie writes. He is putting together a benefit comedy show. It’s at 2 p.m., Sunday, Oct. 5, at Shank Hall, 1434 N. Farwell Ave. He […]

Goodnight Milwaukee: Second Round

Remember how a long, long time ago, last week, we told you about The Goodnight Milwaukee Show with Jake Kornely and Tyler Menz? We called them likable and clever and applauded them and their cast, including Greg Bach, Erik Koconis, Lee Rowley and Chris Schmidt, for intelligent entertainment and variety and yada, yada, yada. Remember that? Well, […]

Nick Thune this Wednesday!

It has been almost a month since we first told you that Nick Thune is coming to the Underground Collaborative’s Arcade Theatre. This Wednesday, he finally arrives. Here’s what appeared in the Columbia Chronicle about Thune’s Midwest Tour with Doogie Horner, which swerves into Chicago after one night in Milwaukee. The Seattle-based standup explained to […]

Milwaukee’s late-night comedy show

Find a clever, likable guy, dress him in a suit and tie, stand him in front of an audience, then seat him behind a desk beside a couch. That’s your basic formula for late-night talk shows. Here’s the twist. Find two clever, likable guys, dress them, stand them both in front of an audience and […]