Legal Insanity

By Brynne Ramella When I learned that 33rd & State, the new comedy sketch group, was meeting to cover character development, I knew that group member Chris O’Reilly would be the perfect subject for an interview. With his knack for accents, dead-on impressions and Chris Farleyesque mannerisms, he often seems like he is already in […]

Nook and Peaches

By Brynne Ramella I dropped by last week’s 33rd & State meeting, which kicked off with a casual, “All right, peeps. Let’s get to it,” from co-president Charlie Mohl. Their meetings take place in Marquette University’s Humphrey Hall. The building houses a number of upperclassmen at Marquette and a shabby auditorium that has become a […]

Welcome to 33rd and State

By Brynne Ramella  According to my parents, I bounded down the stairs one Sunday morning at age 11 and asked them, “Have you ever heard of this show ‘Saturday Night Live’?” I remember being entranced with the show the night before. As I watched it, I thought to myself, “I wish I could write like […]