A corporate take on being funny… why not?  

I gotta hand it to Microsoft, they have a pretty extensive education competencies section on their website, and the page for humor is surprisingly informative.  Topics include: Proficiency Level, Overdoing Humor, Essentials Questions, Interview Questions, Learning on the Job and even Recommended Readings. Now, granted, the topics covered are geared towards people wearing suits in an office building, as opposed to jeans holding a microphone, but it is still worth a look!

A few snippets from the web site:

Essentials Questions

To improve your proficiency, ask yourself the following questions on a regular basis:

• In a seemingly serious situation, what nuggets of humor or irony can I find?

• When faced with a potentially difficult situation, is there a way that humor could help? Could lead to a better outcome?

Interview Questions

• Tell me about a time you used humor in a presentation. Did it work? If you had to give the same presentation again, how would you change it? 

• Tell me about a time when something really funny happened at work. What benefit did it serve? 


And some very helpful advice we can all use in our daily lives: Letting others be humorous. Sometimes people who aren’t very humorous (or are very serious) chill and suppress humor in others. Even if you’re not going to work on being more humorous or funny, at least let others be.

Check out the full web page here: http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/education/training-and-events/education-competencies/humor.aspx#fbid=JQDMowhKjO9


Note: Updated broken link 3/2015