Celebrate Comedy

We are proud to Celebrate Comedy in Milwaukee with these very special events!  These events are bigger than your typical comedy show, they feature collections of great performers and truly memorable experiences. Check one or all of them out throughout the year.

Milwaukee Comedy Festival

Milwaukee Comedy Festival 

More than a decade of laughs! Featuring comedy from across the nation, The Milwaukee Comedy Festival celebrates comedy in a big way: offering audiences top notch stand up, improv and sketch comedy every summer in August. The Milwaukee Comedy Festival was founded in 2006 to support and grow the comedy scene in Milwaukee. The Festival aspires to cultivate an active comedy community where performers can hone their craft, create new and exciting comedy, and foster an inviting environment for both audiences and fellow performers. In its history, MCF has presented more than 1,000 of the funniest people from across the United States and Canada.

Visit the Official Comedy Fest website for more info.

Sketch 22

Sketch 22 

Bringing the best comedic talent in Milwaukee together to create an original sketch comedy show in just 22 hours – it’s Sketch 22! How does it work? The night before the show, 10 groups of writers get randomly assigned topics for 10 comedy sketches. The next morning, the writers present the scripts and ten directors randomly select which sketch and which actors they’ll direct. Just 22 hours after the writers get their topics, the sketches are performed live in a one-time show! Sketch 22 takes place twice a year (typically January and July) and was created by the very talented Patrick Schmitz!

Information on upcoming Sketch 22’s is posted on milwaukeecomedy.com!

Sketch 22 2013

Comedic Release

Comedic Release Show

Comedic Release is Milwaukee’s only local comedy show to be recorded live and released for a lifetime of enjoyment! The show features some of the best local stand up comedians and a truly unique and special evening that will forever be a part of comedy history! Celebrate comedy with us, we record the show with a live audience and the recording is free for your enjoyment.

The Comedic Release Show is presented occasionally and information will be posted on milwaukeecomedy.com!