Comedian Jen Kirkman: “I Was Always Going to be ‘the Performer'”

Jen Kirkman is all over the place.  And we mean that in a good way.  The comedian has a popular Netflix special, called “I’m Gonna Die Alone,” and a book on the New York Times bestseller list, called I Can Barely Take Care of Myself.  

With a multitude of talents and accomplishments under her belt, Kirkman doesn’t find the validation of different mediums necessary to feel successful. However, she does stress the importance of just sharing who she is with her audience.

“Getting recognized in public is very different, because the people that like me, they don’t need the validation of ‘oh, she was on some list,'” explains Kirkman. “The people that like me almost like me like they’re my parents – unconditionally.”

Kirkman continues to do “her favorite medium” standup comedy, and she spoke with  WUWM’s Rachel Owens and comedy contributor Matt Kemple by phone ahead of her trip to Wisconsin.  Kirkman says her love for comedy dates all the way back to her early childhood, and Mr. Bill comedy sketches on Saturday Night Live:

Comedian Jen Kirkman is the author of I Can Barely Take Care of Myself and the star of a Netflix special called “I’m Gonna Die Alone.”  She’ll perform a show at Milwaukee’s Turner Hall Ballroom on Wednesday evening.

Listen to the full interview right here!
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Comedian Jen Kirkman

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