Reports from the Schmitz ‘n Giggles open improv jam Tuesday night declared it a success, with about 30 comedians – novice and veteran alike – joining in on a free fun-filled session of seriously funny improvisation.

Consider the jam at The Underground Collaborative a warm-up for the Saturday evening star-studded fundraiser for the much-anticipated summer parody of Hamlet.

Benefit for Comedy of Hamlet – 7 p.m., May 30

The very same Patrick Schmitz of Schmitz ‘n Giggles is following last summer’s hit, “The Comedy of Romeo & Juliet…kinda sorta,” with an Aug. 20-22 debut of his creation, “The Comedy of Hamlet…kinda sorta.” And to help fund the production, Patrick has asked some of Milwaukee’s funniest people to perform a show. The lineup includes :

Plus, there’s a raffle, and – back to the point we were making at the onset – the evening ends with an open improv jam.

So here’s your chance to be a triple threat: participate in Milwaukee comedy by donating $10 or more for admission, participate by being in the audience and participate by actually getting on stage and joining in on the improv.

It all happens at ComedySportz, 420 S. 1st St.