Here are some resources for all levels of comics looking to perform live comedy. Advanced career advice is at the bottom of this page.

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Open Mic’s and Early Career Advice

  • Tips for Your First Open Mic – this short blog post offers some great advice if you want to try out some jokes for the first time. Also take a look at this article for some great tips for beginners.
  • There is an open mic almost every night of the week in Milwaukee so get out and tell some jokes! Open Mics in Milwaukee
  • Here’s some advice on How to Get Booked on independent shows, clubs and even a little on festivals.
  • Watch the video below (from our friends at the Milwaukee Comedy Festival) for some tips on submitting a clip to bookers and producers!

Advancing Your Comedy Career

Once you have mastered more than an open mic set, you want to take your comedy career to the next level. Don’t forget to join the Comics Database and create an entry to help fans find you and bookers hire you! Here are some helpful links to get you motivated!

This interview with Johnny Beehner – native Milwaukee-an, but now nationally touring funny man, originally aired on WUWM radio. Johnny was the final featured stand up comedian on David Letterman and talks about how he landed the gig and what he had to do to prepare for the career changing moment.  Listen in at 10min and 17min specifically.

A great interview with comic Mike Stanly who has mastered the art.  Some really good advice on being a road comic and working in a different city each week. This article from our archives is a few years old but as relevant as ever.