Every Event in the 2015 Milwaukee Comedy Festival

Everything Happening at the 2015 Milwaukee Comedy Festival!

We kicked things off at Lakefront Brewery Wednesday night to a crowd of more than 200 people.  Join us for some or all of the dozen+ shows and special events that remain in the 2015 Milwaukee Comedy Festival!  Check out Milwaukee Comedy Festivalfestival.milwaukeecomedy.com for all the info along with videos, comic bios and more!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Show 1- 8:00pm
at Next Act Theatre
Jason Hillman (Host) – Stand Up, Milwaukee
Broadminded – Sketch, Milwaukee
T.I.M. – Musical Improv, Milwaukee
Zach Peterson – Stand Up, Chicago
Extra Laughs 1 – 10pm
Roast of Milwaukee – at Bremen Café
Music from Piles at 9pm

Featuring comedy from: Ryan Mason, Allison Dunne, Sammy Arechar, Damon Millard, Liz Ziner, Dylan Payne, Mike Berg with Host Josh Ballew

Friday, August 7, 2015

MCF Show 2 – 8:00pm
at Next Act Theatre
Shannon Noll (Host) – Stand Up, Chicago
Morgan Freeman Presents The Magic Negro and Other Blackness – Sketch, Atlanta
Tall Boys – Improv, Milwaukee
Josh Johnson – Stand Up, Chicago

MCF Show 3 – 10:00pm
at Next Act Theatre
John Egan (Host) – Stand Up, Green Bay
Dynamo Kickstand – Sketch, Milwaukee
Jack and the Wolf – Improv, Chicago
Alex Kumin – Stand Up, Chicago

Extra Laughs 2 – 11pm
Chuckle-Mania: A Wrestling Themed Show  – at Club Garibaldi
Music from Crappy Dracula and Soup Moat starting at 9:30p

Featuring Comedians: Chris Schmidt, Gary Zajackowski, Keith Gaustad and Brandon Koss with Host Phil Davidson

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Comedy Festival AudienceWorkshop 1 – 11am-12:30
at Next Act Theatre
Choose Your Own Long-Form Adventure with Missy Whitis
MCF Show 4 – 4:00pm
Special Event – Whormones, Live Podcast

Extra Laughs 3 – 4pm
Var Gallery Comedy Show
at Var Gallery
Music from Antler House

Featuring comedy from: Jim Zarling, Sam Ike, Danny Lobell, and Sam Gordon with Host Ramie Makhlouf

MCF Show 5 – 6:00pm
at Next Act Theatre
Jim Zarling (Host), Stand Up Richmond
Sketch Marks – Sketch, Milwaukee
Sam Ike – Stand Up, Boston

MCF Show 6 – 8:00pm
at Next Act Theatre
Sam Gordon (Host) – Stand up, Chicago
Chairs – Improv, Chicago
King Quail – Sketch, Brooklyn, NY
Sammy Arechar – Stand Up, Milwaukee

MCF Show 7 – 10:00pm
at Next Act Theatre
Danny Lobell (Host) – Stand Up, Los Angeles
Variety Hour Happy Hour – Sketch, Milwaukee
Fancy Football – Improv, Los Angeles
Christopher Schmidt – Stand Up, Milwaukee

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Workshop 2 – 11:30am-1pm
at Next Act Theatre

Brian Posehn Aug. 9th
Brian Posehn Aug. 9th!

Music Improv Workshop with TJ Shanoff

Workshop 3 – 1:30-3pm
at Next Act Theatre
Character for Your Mind and Body with Jack and the Wolf

Extra Laughs 4 – 5:30pm
42 Lounge Pre Party Comedy Show
at 42 Lounge Downtown
Featuring Tyler Menz, J.J. Harris, Gena Gephart, Toler Oswald Wolfe with Host Patrick Tomlinso≥n

MCF Show 8 – 8pm
at Historic Turner Hall
Ryan Mason (Host) – Stand Up, Milwaukee
Geoffrey Asmus – Stand Up, Madison
Brian Posehn – Stand Up, Los Angeles