Learning the Ropes – Marketing!

Getting people together for a bbq or birthday is easy, but what if you want to get more than your friends or family to show up? Milwaukee Comedy has the answer with “Marketing Your Local Event“, a great introduction to event marketing and taught by one of the top live event producers in town, Matt Kemple.

Matt has more than a decade of experience putting shows and events of all sizes on, most notably the Milwaukee Comedy Festival.  “Marketing is time consuming and difficult, but a little knowledge and a nudge in the right direction can make a big difference,” said Kemple. “I wanted to help the other performers and small businesses around with what has taken me years to learn”. Matt mentioned the need for getting the word out beyond just posting an event on Facebook or mentioning it on Twitter. “There are some simple and effective ways to reach an audience, I want to help people see that and hopefully it will lead to better audiences for everyone.”

From the event…

Marketing Your Local Event is a workshop focused on the strategy and technique for getting the word out to your audience and bringing people in the door on a budget! Perfect for show creators, small business owners, comedians, theatre professionals or anyone looking to improve their knowledge of basic marketing skills. This 2 hour workshop taught by local event producer Matt Kemple, will focus on marketing basics, contacting media and members of the press, using Social Media to get results, the difference between traditional and content based-marketing and much more!

The workshop will be Wednesday, January 27th from 6-8pm. Early Bird Sign Up is only $30, otherwise $45 the day of.

Check out the Marketing Your Local Event page to sign up or for more info.