Matt Griffo does music funny

Rochester, N.Y., and Milwaukee, Wis., are a lot a like. Both are situated on Great Lakes, have a river running through the downtown and have been home to iconic global brands such as Kodak and Harley-Davidson.

Matt Griffo grew up in Rochester before earning his musical comedy chops in Chicago. Maybe that’s partly why he seems to love Milwaukee so much. And, right back atcha, Matt.

A perennial crowd pleaser at the annual Milwaukee Comedy Festival, Matt’s making a special display of his clever and charming talent at Milwaukee Comedy’s Arcade Theatre, part of The Underground Collaborative.

From the news release:

Griffo will perform his show “My Brother’s Friend Jerome” at the Underground Collaborative on Saturday, April 25 at 8pm with band members Moe Macpherson (trumpet), and Marilynn Eguchi (cello). Milwaukee based comedian Christopher Schmidt will also perform stand up comedy.

Comedy songs about love, racism, and bear wrestling with short stories in between will make you remember why life is hilarious and great. 

Matt Griffo Music & Comedy Show – Sat. April 25

Tickets are $10 in advance here or $15 at the door (if it isn’t already sold out).

And, of course, the Arcade Theatre is at 161 W. Wisconsin Ave., lower level.

Click here to learn more about Matt Griffo. But we can tell you that he has toured with the Second City and was the lead composer for the hit Chicago production of Jersey Shore The Musical. Besides being a favorite at the Milwaukee Comedy Festival, Matt has performed at Chicago Sketchfest, The Laugh Factory Chicago, Black Box Comedy Festival Atlanta, ArizonaComedy Festival, LA Comedy Festival, the Charleston Comedy Festival and Big Little Comedy Fest Cleveland.

Get a glimpse of his wit below:

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