Sketch 22

Sketch 22

Sketch 22
Sketch 22 2014

Bringing the best comedic talent in Milwaukee together to create an original sketch comedy show in just 22 hours – it’s Sketch 22!

How does it work? The night before the show, 10 groups of writers get randomly assigned topics for 10 comedy sketches. The next morning, the writers present the scripts and ten directors randomly select which sketch and which actors they’ll direct. Just 22 hours after the writers get their topics, the sketches are performed live in a one-time show!

Check out this video from a previous Sketch 22!

Sketch 22 2013

Sketch 22 was created by the very talented Patrick Schmitz! Patrick is Founder of Sketch 22 and a former Co-Producer of The Milwaukee Comedy Festival. His accomplishments include assembling and coaching Organized Chaos, a team of more than 100 school children at the renowned First Stage Children’s Theater. Patrick has performed and taught improv at ComedySportz, trained in improv at Second City and IO in Chicago and facilitated open-improv jams and workshops for adults. He has also been a part of many improv and sketch groups.