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How To Get Booked

Some of you are seasoned professionals, and some of you may be brand new fresh off a local open mic. Regardless, this article will hopefully give a comedian some insight on the process of getting booked. Please note the information in this article does not guarantee you will get booked, but it can help you …

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MCF Event Guide

Complete Guide to the 2015 Milwaukee Comedy Festival

The Milwaukee Record called it “a true local treasure” and “pretty much the perfect celebration of comedy in Milwaukee“.  We think it’s pretty funny, and have spent the last 10 years growing the Milwaukee Comedy Festival into the largest multi-day comedy event in Wisconsin. In fact there are more than a dozen different shows and events in …

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Open Improv

DIY Improvisational Comedy – FREE

[su_youtube url=””] Whether to stretch improvisational comedy muscles you’ve already flexed before or to first discover the magic of yes-and in relationships, come to the Free Open Improv Wednesday. Every other week, members of Sketch Marks comedy lead all comers in a friendly, exhilarating session of making up brief scenes live on stage, based on time-tested techniques …

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Microsoft Humor 1.0

A corporate take on being funny… why not?   I gotta hand it to Microsoft, they have a pretty extensive education competencies section on their website, and the page for humor is surprisingly informative.  Topics include: Proficiency Level, Overdoing Humor, Essentials Questions, Interview Questions, Learning on the Job and even Recommended Readings. Now, granted, the …

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