The year was 2006.

  • The 140-character Internet messaging service Twitter is launched.
  • President George W. Bush signs a law renewing the anti-terrorist Patriot Act and includes a statement to Congress that he does not have to tell them how the law is being used.
  • After singing about it for 48 years, finally, Paul McCartney is 64.
  • Unfettered by any voter ID laws, Wisconsin citizens turn out (some more than once) to approve a constitutional ban against same-sex marriage.
  • Wildlife enthusiast and international television celebrity Steve Irwin, better known as the Crocodile Hunter, is killed by a fish.
  • After four years of marriage, Heather Mills announces her divorce, finally, from Paul McCartney, age 64.

Also making history in 2006, the Milwaukee Comedy Festival began. Learn more about the origin story of Wisconsin's largest comedy event through the mini-documentary above, thanks to Milwaukee comedians Ryan Lowe and Jeff Lampton.

Among the first acts to perform at the first Milwaukee Comedy Festival was a new local all-female sketch comedy group calling itself broadminded. The “broads*” have performed in every Milwaukee Comedy Festival since.

See broadminded comedy perform in the 8 p.m. show, Thursday, Aug. 7 along with:

  • Matt Griffo, musical standup, from Chicago
  • Geofrey Asmus, standup, from Madison

Tickets are $15 in advance by clicking here or $20 at the door. For $50, you can get an All-Access Pass admitting you to each and every one of the nine Milwaukee Comedy Festival shows, Aug. 7-10, at Next Act Theatre, 255 S. Water St.


* They can call themselves that. You can't.