Across from Cathedral Square Park and just a few feet from Louise’s and Real Chili sits Mikeys, a restaurant and lounge offering a variety of food and cocktail options, in a comfortable, classy setting. Inside of Mikey’s is the Skylight Room, and there, almost one-year ago, local comedian Wes Shaver started The Stand-up at Mikey’s Skylight Room, a Stand-up, Improv and Sketch venue that’s rapidly becoming a hot spot to enjoy a night of cocktails and comedy. Milwaukee Comedy sat down with Wes to learn more:

Q. What are the basics about The Stand-up at Mikey’s Skylight Room?
A. “It’s Milwaukee newest professional live stand-up comedy venue, every second and fourth Tuesday of the month at 8:00. The philosophy is to offer a variety of talent and a different experience each show. The focus is on Milwaukee talent, with the goal of helping break the mold of opportunity for new, local comedians who can have a hard time finding work in the city.”

Q. How’d it get started?
A. “I was looking to start a regular comedy showcase of local talent in a more upscale, comfortable setting, so I approached Mikey’s management about the idea, and they were open to it, but needed a plan. I gave them a full business plan and budget, executive summary and all, and we began in December of 2008. We started it with comedians we knew and built from there, offering opportunities to those who were recommended to us and to those we’d heard about. And it’s grown ever since.”
Q. What’s great about this venue?
A. We wanted to offer an atmosphere of hospitality, cocktails, and food that was not the traditional comedy club feel and that would give comedy another outlet. This venue offers comfortable seating in a smoke-free room with great service, great food, and great cocktails, and the performers get a perfect room in which to perform.
Q. So, what’s coming up for the Stand-up at Mikey’s?
A. Our next show is November 24th, with Jessie Mahne, Jason Hillman, Eric Koconis and Beth Lewinski. Then, on December 8th, we’re thrilled to be hosting a “Next Generation Event” for UPAF featuring Nola Jokes, Johnny Beehner and Geoff Lafleur. On December 12th, we’re celebrating our one-year anniversary show, which will be a very big party. Six comedians who’ve performed at Mikey’s in the past will be joining us again, and Fever Marlene will be playing. It should be a great night.”
Judging by what we’ve seen so far from the performers, audiences, and staff at Mikey’s, it will be.