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The 9th annual Milwaukee Comedy Festival has crossed the road. It is hysterical history. However, we have collected spontaneous exhibitions of comedy from some of the dozens of performers and comedian volunteers who participated in Wisconsin’s largest comedy event. Because it has become our tradition. That’s why.

At the 2013 festival, we asked for knock-knock jokes. And then we asked again.

In 2012, given that the festival’s mascot is Clucky, the rubber chicken, we had volunteers and performers share chicken jokes. And then we asked for more.

This year, we handed folks a rubber chicken and asked for a brief comedy bit.

Among the contributors to the video above are:

  • Ryan Lowe
  • Jon Waldbauer
  • Patrick Schmitz
  • Becca Segal
  • Miguel Browne
  • Kristin Althoff 
  • Keenan Gibson
  • Jason Hillman
  • Mary Zee
  • Hakim Collins
  • Amanda Sinko
  • James Boland