Featured Comedy

There are plenty of high-quality comedy shows and performers in Milwaukee. Check out our favorite featured comedy acts here.


Sketch 22/ SKETCH

Sketch 22

The night before, 10 groups of writers get randomly assigned topics for 10 comedy sketches. The next morning, Ten directors randomly select which sketch and which actors they’ll direct. Just 22 hours after the writers get their topics, the sketches are performed live in a one-time show!

Goodnight Milwaukee/ SKETCH

Goodnight Milwaukee Show

Join Tyler and Jake as they interview crazy guests, play super-fun games, and tell jokes, lots of jokes! The Goodnight Milwaukee Show is a variety show that mixes local humor with the traditional talk show template.

Sketch Marks/ SKETCH

cok Members of Sketch Marks include Kristin Althoff, Joel Dresang, Amanda Eaton, Scott Heaton, Lee Rowley, Becca Segal and Lindsey Walcott. Individually, we have been performing comedy in Milwaukee and beyond for years. Then we put our silly heads together and formed Sketch Marks.

Broadminded/ SKETCH


Milwaukee’s only all-female sketch comedy group! Performing together since 2006, Broadminded is Stacy Babl, Anne Graff LaDisa, Melissa Kingston, and Megan McGee.

Moby Dick!/ FILM

mobydick-sqWhen a bumbling simpleton befriends a mysterious-looking stranger in search of adventure on the high seas, they quickly find themselves trapped by the madness of Captain Ahab. Blinded by his own thirst for vengeance, Ahab risks the lives of his crew in a reckless and futile quest for retribution against the great whale, Moby Dick.

Tall Boys/ IMPROV

Tall Boys

Tall Boys features some of the funniest – and tallest members of the Milwaukee comedy scene in one hilarious improv show: Erik Koconis, Lee Rowley, James Boland and Robby McGee!

Caste of Killers/ STAND UP

cok Founded in March of 2010 by Jason Hillman and Damon Millard, Caste of Killers is a group of the best locally bred stand up comedians Milwaukee has. Our purpose is simple. To showcase the best of up and coming local comedy.