The Comedy Conclave: A Discussion Group For Comics, About Comedy.
When: The last Sunday of every month, beginning at 6pm, going until the open mic starts.
Where: Rounding Third Bar and Grill, 63rd and Bluemound.
A wonderful thing happened a couple of weeks ago. Erik Koconis suggested that entertainers of the comedic sort might enjoy getting together to discuss topics of concern, interest, or just general jawing about the genre we work in. Thus, the Comedy Conclave was born. There have been two conclaves so far, and it has fast become a popular pre-open mic activity.
Intrepid Milwaukee Comedy reporter-on-the-street Christy Watson interviewed Erik Koconis, a seasoned nationally touring comic, about how the Conclave got started.
Christy Watson: What is the Comedy Conclave?

Erik Koconis: The comedy conclave is an open forum meeting for local humourists to
discuss the techniques of being funny. It’s still taking full shape,
but that’s the general idea.

CW: What inspired you to start it?

EK: I love those few minutes before or after a show when the comics all
sit around and the conversation turns from talk of networking and
catching up to the art of being funny. So my selfish reason is that I
wanted to create that, a room full of comedy practitioners of all
walks   talking about the physics of humor and sit in the middle of it
and soak it all in.

Also I have my own questions to pursue; What make’s something funny?
What is the purpose of humor? Why are plosive sounds funnier than
other sounds? What are the mechanics of the rule of three?

I believe that comedy is pursued by an individual drive in a person to
communicate their sense of humor to others, and that a majority of our
work is developed solitarily. To achieve this goal each of us has to
create certain frame works for our presentation. We literally have to
invent certain devices to reliably communicate our sense of humor to a
multitude of personalities and tastes. I wanted a place where these
inventions and discoveries could be shared and discussed.

CW: What do you hope people gain by attending the conclave?

EK: Every community benefits from engaging each in other’s pursuits. At
the very least I hope that anyone who attends a conclave comes away
with a new perspective or angle from which to continue their comedy
work. That we should find inspiration in each others work.
My grand hope is that as the discussion on the qualities of humor
continue, those principles will stay fresh in everyone’s minds and we
will all grow by each other’s virtue.

It is also another opportunity for face to face social networking,
which I believe is vastly more valuable than the virtual kind.

CW: What kinds of topics and discussions do you have?

EK: So far the topics have included both real world and more philosophical
questions. Each meeting is open for topics to be proposed by all in
attendance. Some past topics have included; What makes a joke “a
joke”? Do we choose the Joke or does the Joke choose us? What are the
challenges facing Milwaukee Comedy? Is there an organic signature
style to Milwaukee comedy? What’s a good joke shape?

CW: Who can attend?

EK: The conclave is open to anyone who practices comedy. Comics,
comedians, comediennes, improvers, comic actors, comic writers, comic
strip artists. The only requirement is that you have to practice
comedy and consistently seek to improve it.

Personal note: I’d like to thank Erik Koconis for his time, and for his dedication to continuing to encourage growth in the art of comedy. 
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  1. Well not everything's a joke, smirking emoticon guy.
    Like the old joke says;

    Fellow – "Dr. Can you tell me about your latest surgery?"
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