Milwaukee’s getting ready to grab a beer and toss back some laughs with Austrailian Jim Jefferies! Jefferies current tour, ‘Day Streaming’, will make its way to The Pabst Theater on March 22 (Tickets here ). Milwaukee Comedy got the chance to speak with Jefferies about his experiences in our town, his current tour, and offer a bit of suggestion for aspiring comedians. Jim Jefferies has a loyal fan base dedicated to his unique and engaging style of storytelling.

Jim Jefferies

       “The audiences in Milwaukee have always provided me with solid shows” Jefferies’ said, “I have never had to kick anyone out or manage any disturbances during a gig in Milwaukee. They have always been very memorable and sold out shows.”

Milwaukeeans often have shared information about great brewery selections and restaurants with Jefferies to enjoy some of  Milwaukee’s exceptional food and beverage culture.

       “I don’t usually get much of a chance to experience the cities I’ve perform in since usually I‘m only there for one day.” Jefferies said, ”I have visited the iconic ‘Bronze Fonz’ since it has a meaningful tie to men my age.”  

When asked what audiences can expect out of this tour, Jefferies’ mentioned-Day Streaming-is loosely based off the idea of “wanking it in the middle of the day” to porn on the internet. Although, this performance is not a long series of crude and outlandish masturbation material—rather Jefferies will maintain his prolific style of storytelling comedy on this tour with topics including the second amendment, religion, and material based around his television show ‘LEGIT’ as he prepares to tape his next comedy special.

Jefferies’ comedy appeals to audiences because he offers an honest scrutiny without restriction towards any subject matter he may be tackling in a particular joke. Jefferies pointed out that his comedy is often “labeled as a ‘dirty’ or ‘dark’ humored comedian”. However, he doesn’t agree with this label since his storytelling approach to comedy comes directly from his personal point of view and sensitivity towards his environment.

Milwaukee Comedy asked Jefferies about getting his start in comedy and if he could share some advice for young comedians.

       “It’s a but of a crap shoot; when you get good enough, head out to New York or LA. I’ve noticed American comedians often work on their ‘tight 5’ to work towards getting a late night spot for television.”

This directly corresponds with the general identity and function of many open mic scenes. Open mics usually provide short amounts of stage time for aspiring comedians to work on material for 3-5 minutes nightly.

Jefferies had a rare opportunity when starting comedy.

“In Australia”, He said, “I started doing 40 minute sets in mining towns, so I really learned how to stretch my jokes and work on telling stories.”

He then added a tip on keeping fresh material:

       “Try to write at least one new minute of material a week and that’ll give you about one new hour a year. More than half of it may be crap, but at least your giving the audiences something new to hear and a reason to come back to see you’

You can see Jim Jefferies on Saturday, March 22 at The Pabst Theater! Tickets are available now on The Pabst website. You can keep up with Jim on Facebook and Twitter. Also you can catch Jim Jefferies’ new television series ‘LEGIT’ Wednesday nights on FXX. 

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